About Me


Chiradee Ann Fronda is my name. 

A Portrait of Mine


I consider my self as a writer. Writing is my passion. I just love the freedom it is giving me – the freedom to speak myself out, to express my thoughts about the beauty of life, and all the things that God has created, and I am very glad to share my ideas and imaginations to this wonderful world of blogging.

On The Deeper Side

I am a person who characterizes herself as being simple yet snobbish: I was like, “no one’s allowed to rule me”, but everything changed when I’ve chosen to take path I am with now: being a wife and a mom. I may not be the perfect one but I always try to be a good one. I have learned to acquire the supreme patience towards my husband and daughter,and trials made me tough & stronger. And to all these, I am blessed by God and I love it!

My family is my life. I live for them. They are my inspiration. I drew my strength to them. I owe everything to my dear parents and I am hoping that someday, I would be able to give them the best life and more happiness a child could ever give their parents.

My Parents and their Granddaughter

I am so beatifically happy and so-over-the-moon being with my husband, Rainier and with the token of our love, our dear daughter, Lindsay. All my life, I would ever want them is to be happy, be safe and sound, and to live with faith in God. I love them so much more than I love myself.

A Daydreamer 

My Family

I love to dream. I love to wander on my wild imagination. That I believe is what unique of me. It’s my escape from my own bewilderment. It’s my sight when I am blinded by life’s hardships and trials. It’s my wings to fly!

This is my blog, and I am looking forward for your appreciation.




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