The Lenten Spirit


A Palm that symbolizes the Lenten Season

Today is Sunday and it is indeed a scorchingly hot summer Sunday. And it always make me wonder why on every Lenten Season here in the Philippines, it feels like we’re toasted by the hot temperature.

Yes, this April 2014 we are celebrating (or should I say, reliving) the Lent or “Mahal na Araw” in Filipino. It is actually considered as one of the most important occassions of the Catholic religion because it was the time when Our Lord Jesus Christ died and suffered His life from the cross to save the mankind from its sin thus made Him The Savior of The World. And the Palm Sunday is the signal of the beginning of the Lent.

As my family went to the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy this morning to celebrate the Palm Sunday (Linggo ng Palaspas), I was enlighted by the Priest’s homily. He said that the good thing about Filipino culture is that we pay high respect to the meaning of the occassion. He said that the palm was used by the followers of Jesus as they welcome Him and celebrated Him as their King. Traditionally, Palms were brought to the church to be blessed through sprinkling of the Holy Water, and we Filipinos put our blessed palms into our homes specifically at the front door, the windows or at the altar. The priest said that those traditions were indications that we always welcome the Lord with strong faith and glory. He told us that may the blessed palms make us remember and realize the sufferings of Jesus Christ who died at the cross to save us from our sins.

As we relive the Lent, may we always find a space in our hearts to repent our sins and ask for The Lord’s  Mercy and forgiveness. May we always be thankful for the life and blessings that He gives us everyday and be grateful to Our Savior Jesus Christ for His undying love on us.

Have a blessed week ahead!

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