To Dream Is to Dare



Have you ever dare asked yourself, “How far can I go?”. Do you believe in the famous saying, “Nothing is Impossible”?

 According to a textbook, “Our visions light our paths in moments of darkness and sustain us in the huge arena of struggle that is the outside world”. We are born in this world to live and to dream, and to achieve is the most precious incentive that we may get. When we’re a bit younger, we used to say, “I want to be a doctor”, and then tomorrow, “I want to be a teacher”, and on the next day, “What else do I want to be?”. It is not bad to dream, especially for youngsters who often change dreams almost everyday. It is just so good to imagine that while young at heart, we’re mature in mind. Dreaming is a proof that we have a vision of our lives in the future. And while growing up, we are getting to realize the importance of exerting effort together with the talents and skills we have developed on achieving what do we really want to be.

Although there are obstacles in our way, we can overcome it as long as we stick to our faith and the eagerness to pursue our dreams is alive. But despite of this, we also have to lend an ear to others. Meaning, we must listen to what they want to advice or remind us in accordance with their experiences, and use this as an armor when we get there on the battlefield.

 Dare yourself to dream. We may lie in wait for the result to come but if we will work hard and wise and if we will believe, the aftermath is success.

*Originally written on July 12, 2007, 11:41 am