Here is a collection of some of my poems, and its history.

  • Written on June 22, 2006 during the 1st Semester of my 2nd Year in College. As a regular process in every starting of a class, our professor told us to introduce ourselves through a poem. I was 17 then, and this was all in my mind.

Me, Myself, and I


An average girl living in an average world

Happy and jolly at seventeen years old

Have loads of crushes and lots of friends

A kind of me that I can’t pretend.


Who loves to see my idols on screen

That’s why Mom can’t stand on my screams

I really am a music-o-holic

How about heartthrobs that are really fantastic?


Who is truly friendly and a bit kind

That’s what they say, I hope you don’t mind

People see me laughing at all times sanely

It’s just because my friends are with me constantly.

I am not the one who always quail

And not either a girl who frails

Whenever I didn’t succeed at all

It doesn’t mean I’ll let myself to fall.

I am the average teen girl, Chiradee

No doubt that I am always on a reverie

You can count on me in times of need

Because friendship for me is priceless indeed.

  • Written on March 6, 2006. I wrote this poem for my college best friend, Rachelle Ignacio. I was very overwhelmed by our friendship, that’s why I’ve came up with this.



  • This was written on July 04, 2007 ,Wednesday. Derived from the famous quote from Blais Pascal.

The Heart Has It’s Reason and The Reason Does Not Know

Seeing, feeling, and believing

Living and breathing, what’s the essence of being?

If in darkness you can see nothing,

Can the light do the same thing?

Little birds flying up in the sky,

Big dreams soaring up so high.

Sun may set, stars may collide,

Please Mr. Moon, can you be my guide?

Soul in doubt, mind in fear

Why came when the end is near?

If this is some kind of illusion,

then give me thy precious emancipation.

People may be cruel, world might end

Why don’t bring joy and lend a hand?

For those in need of happiness and care

Let divine love shower all whose bare.

God has His reasons, it’s all His right

Don’t blame Him for and give it a fight.

For He put the light into the heart to glow,

The heart has its reason, and the reason does not know.


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