Here is a collection ofย humorous quotes online ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmmm…I could use this one!

Oh please! I’m begging you!

And put your Queen Elsa mode on

Oh yeah.. when will it could be?

ahahaha…this is the sole truth!

and they will say ” I was just tired from work.”

You can even use the Greek alphabet or some hieroglyphics

That would be awesome!

It’s kinda live-action movie with stunts



So Long….

Yeah! It has been soooo looong!!!

It has been a year since the last time I remembered that I have a blog. Blame it to the Mommy duties. I have a preschooler to attend to. And I also had some not-quite-good-2014 so it was really tough to face the monitor and write something. I was pre-occupied by tons of works, only a mother could bear. My physicality and emotions were tested, as well as my faith. And I guess that it only made me stronger and better.

I wonder what’s this year has in store for me? I hope trials would not be as big as the last year. We were all thankful we have overcome it, with flying colors! Maybe I could share that to you. My next post is now UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!