A Random Thoughts of Mommy-hood

As I face my computer these days, there are countless dedications, thanksgiving, and messages of love around the internet. And I didn’t even noticed that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I was so busy circling around the house and doing tons and tons of chores that doesn’t seem to end. Oh this is just a Mother’s life. But I love every second of it!

Though it might sound a bit late, which I guess not because it is still May and it still not to late to share to you my random thoughts about “Mommy-hood”.

Reality Check

Being a mother is something that hasn’t been in my wildest imagination. I don’t know. I have no single idea on the Standard Operating Procedures of the said “profession”. All I have is the urge on chasing that one big dream, and a simple life being a single lady.

But not until I met my ex-boyfriend (now my Husband)!

Big Decision

From a single lady with a very monochromatic life, to a lady with a rainbow above her head – that’s what happened to me when I met the love of my life. It was so overwhelming that I always felt butterflies inside my stomach. Maybe that’s what love got to do with it..got to do with it.. All I ever wanted is to be happy with the only man of my dreams.


The perfect match – After we graduated on 2009, we immediately decided to be together as ONE.

Two years have passed and we were at the peak of our relationship. We really wanted to be with each other in the soonest possible time. I had no speck of doubt in my heart and that moment I realized that the One Big Dream I have been chasing is this – to build a happy family with him. A year after we both graduated on the same year 2009, we have decided to hurry things up. I was two months pregnant when we got married and I’ll say that I was on a high. It feels like cloud nine. From then on I promised to be the best better half that he could ever had. But I realized that marriage doesn’t end up only being the husband and wife. Because sooner or later our world will be filled with blessings and responsibility as we wait for the coming of our first child.

A Soon To Be Mommy

The gender of the child inside me was still unidentified after I have made my 1st ultrasound in the second trimester of my pregnancy. And we have decided not to know the gender anymore because we want to surprise ourselves. So I prepared two names, one for a girl and one for a boy. I also prepared unisex-colored baby stuff such as white wardrobes and bedding so that it would match the baby’s gender, no matter what it would be. On the other hand, my doctor said that I will be giving birth around 3rd week of August 2010 (according to my records) but to my surprise, I ended up waiting for more than 1 week. I was full of excitement, and of course I was also running out of patience. Why not? The pain was unbearable. I can no longer sleep well. I feel so terribly heavy.

Labor Day

I was already September and I have not yet giving birth. I almost wrote a letter to my baby asking when he/she will come out. I wonder what he/she replied? Then one night (it’s actually past 12 midnight) my husband came home drunk, after a stressful asphalt-pouring things he manages as an Engineer at the Valenzuela City Hall. I was mad at him and not talked to him the whole time. The next morning, 6am, September4, Saturday, I felt stomach pain. I immediately called my doctor and she set an appointment at 9am. Lucky for me the hospital was a few walks away from my mother’s house where we stayed for a couple of months. The doctor said I was already 4cm and anytime soon I can be admitted, but we went back home and we waited there. It was 3pm and I can no longer stand the pain that occurred every 2 minutes. I was admitted at Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center (now Caloocan Medical Center) and there I bear the most painful part of childbirth – the labor.

The place where I gave birth.

The place where I gave birth.

At 7:41pm, I gave birth to a 7lbs baby…GIRL! I was so groggy and sleepy. I didn’t know what happened next. All I can remember was at the time the baby came out, that was the MOST WONDERFUL FEELING EVER! All of the hardships, the heaviness, the stress, and the pain were all vanished in just a blink of an eye. I just wanted to see the fruit of my me and my husband’s love.

Certified Mother

Oh yes! I  am a mother. As I was moved into the ward room, my mother gave me my first born angel. She was so peaceful and long…literally long, just like her father who was so blessed with heights. Although I didn’t have the chance to carry her in my arms because of dizziness, I still managed to breastfeed her for the first time. I looked at my husband and he’s just staring at her baby girl, and I thought, “Gee, I am the happiest human alive!” That moment made me realized that the story of us as a family had just begun. Our baby is named Rhienne Lindsay.

First glance of our daughter

First glance of our daughter

Those Happiest Times Ever

Here’s a collection of selected family memories of us.

Enjoying the first months of being a family.

Enjoying the first months of being a family.

Celebrating our daughter's Poohriffic 1st birthday

Celebrating our daughter’s Poohriffic 1st birthday

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary at the Manila Ocean Park

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary at the Manila Ocean Park

Welcoming 2013

Welcoming 2013

Taken at our nephew's birthday

Taken at our nephew’s birthday

Taken during the wedding of our cousin. Our baby is one of the flower girls.

Taken during the wedding of our cousin. Our baby is one of the flower girls.

A perfect happy family portrait

A perfect happy family portrait

Our summer 2014

Our summer 2014

A Mother’s Joy

They say that one of the ultimate joys of being a mother is to witness her child’s development. To see her offspring’s little achievements through the years, from the time it first opened it’s eyes to the world. For me it is true, and I have seen them all. From the time she breastfed to me, to her first sit, first stand, first tooth, first baby food, first walk; when she was welcomed to Christianity, to her 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday, and now as we enter to another journey of her life, as a student, I’ll promise to be on her side all the time.



And lastly, my deepest gratitude to the Lord Almighty for giving this wonderful family that I will be sharing my whole life and love with for the rest of my life.

Cheers to all the Mother’s in the world!




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