I am so lost but now I am back ;)

Oh my Golly!!
It has been forever since I had the chance to visit this blog. It was just that I was so terribly busy as a mommy and a wife, you know, doing stuff here and there. I feel awful for not updating this page for quite a long time, I also had no ideas in mind the passed few months that I could share to you. Blame it to the “Dishes, laundry, dust & grime and so on…”.

By the way, for my update, I would like to share these latest photos of my daughter, Lindsay.



She has grown into a pretty little princess. We didn’t even notice the years have gone by in front of us. She’s now 3 years old and by next year she will be going to school. Actually, at the age 2 she knows how to count 1-10 and beginning to learn her ABC’s. Right now she fully memorized the English Alphabet, even if it’s jumbled. She also learned to write letters on her own, without my assistance. When we’re on the road, she enumerates the letters she sees from everywhere. Now that’s something to be proud of.

As a mother, nothing could ever be happier than to see the fruit of you and your husband’s love progressing and growing through the years, right between your eyes. She has grown so dearly, it makes me want to cry.


Lindsay's latest Achievement in Writing

Well, that’s for now.
Thank you for your visit and hope to see you, soon.

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